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In revvvvvvew. [Dec. 30th, 2010|10:29 pm]
Chris E. Caldwell
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Ah, 2010. Good loving, baby. Good loving. 

I joined SAG, realized it was water (both nothing and everything, depending on it's use). Went to Anza Borrego. Got dragged up and scared over 100,000 people. Jesus, that's a lot. Spent oh so many hours at the Groundlings, and performed on the stage there quite a few times. Spent time with my brothers. Missed SF pride for the first time since high school. Spent way too many hours working for Le Pain. Survived on my own. Passed two law classes. Loved my friends. Saw Disney on Ice. Yea. Performed on the main stage of the comedy store and almost passed out while holding the mic. Stand up... many places. Spent countless hours singing in the car. Saw some good musicals... which made me sing more. Cried some. Felt both loved and hated. Feared some. Felt both brave and terrified. Laughed many, many times. Drank alot. Too much, too likely. Missed friends. Painted. Tried to build a bike from scratch. Gave away a white rose at the house... Received a black one from Mr. Frank Stites. Listened to music. Helped host the short form gym. Saw some friends become celebrities. Laughed on top of a roof, drinking sangria. Went running and ran 3 miles solid! Did many, many pushups. Read a few good short stories. Started so many things that never got completed. Went to Disneyland. Bought a new computer and a new camera, but still haven't utilized either the way I intended to. 2011!!!! Met some amazing new friends who I absolutely cherish. Felt praised. Felt talented. Felt worthless. Felt too much. Felt like a pisces. Ha. Had some crazy dreams. Have some crazy dreams, still, in the real world. Looking forward to 2011... even though I'm a little afraid of it. 

2010 was a... acceptable year. Though, honestly, a little too forgetful, in part. 

New Years Resolutions. As 4 is my lucky number, I attempt to keep 4... If I only manage to keep 1, I figure I've still done better than most. 

#1. To be in a musical. This is, to be cast in a musical of some worth. Inherently, this means I must focus in depth on that long self-forgotten art and hone the skills. I can do this. Moreso, I believe I can be paid to do this. 

#2. Run & train multiple times weekly. I've been doing well, but now it's time to increase the initiative. Possibly join a gym, but only if I am truly committed to that process. 

#3. Produce my own material for youtube, on at least a bi-monthly basis. Stop dreaming and start completing. 

#4. Career. Get one. Seriously. Get a fucking career. It's 2011... You've got this. 2+0+1+1=4. 

And all of these goals are rooted in one thing. Chris, you know what this is so no need preaching it here. 


Person Of The Day: Grandma Kalinda, for wonderful music. 

Runner Up: Fellow who Laura, for toffee. Jenn, for being home.