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Six something... [Jul. 18th, 2010|01:21 am]
Chris E. Caldwell
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There is a thing... that could mean everything... in the moment. For a year, maybe two, could take me far, could expand my abilities. No word yet on it, but I'll likely find the results on Tuesday. Tough stuff, and I shouldn't have placed so much on it, but when things draw so near-- and the smell dances with your senses-- its quite hard not to. 

Worked today. Does drag, doesn't it... 3 days a week and I feel like it's killing me. Can't imagine the typical 5, and I hope that I never have to, let alone live within it. 

Two birthday parties today. Both were completely different. Wilder and Fernando. I'm glad I got to experience them... Makes me happy I live in LA.  

I went to 101 cafe this morning and ate eggs. I had Gazpacho for lunch. I had chicken curry for dinner. Needless to say, I eat well the days I work. 

Where is it, within me? Cause I know its there. 


Person Of The Day: Michael, for helping me close the Restaurant fast... and for the laughter at Birds afterwards. 

Runner Up: Katherine, for breakfast this morning. Wilder and Fernando; happy birthday.